Edrop - Drop shipping tool

  • To easily list dropshipped products (images, item description, item specifics) directly into your ebay listing (from aliexpress to ebay, from ebay to ebay, from amazon to ebay, from dhgate to ebay) – in only a few clicks.
  • To easily copy buyer addresses from ebay to aliexpress (name, full addresses, phone number) – in only two clicks (copy on ebay and paste on aliexpress).
  • To easily manage your orders on ebay (order numbers, tracking code and send email to buyer with more than 10 emails templates).
  • To essily search images for product via ebay.com, aliexpress.com, dhgate.com, bangood.com
  • To essily find product on aliexpress.com, ebay.com

User guild

  • 1 Install Sell Hubhttps://goo.gl/SjxB42

    Sell ​​Hub is a very important part of selling with eBay. Use the Sell Hub for an overview of the account, making it easy, convenient and optimal for the seller. It's also the first step where you can use #edroptool when you make a purchase.

    To install the Sell Hub for the account
    • Go to Help and Contact
    • Type Sell Hub and select Getting Started with Sell Hub

    Then follow the basic eBay instructions to start the installation and use

    Images introduction

  • 2 Get the buyer address https://goo.gl/9BqmT4 Read more

  • 3 Use #edroptool buy Aliexpresshttps://goo.gl/gyzmH5 Read more

  • 4 Import guide, post from aliexpress, ebay to ebay , dhgate to ebayhttps://goo.gl/6JxCtd

Video tutorial

  • How to insert Aliexpress Review video via Ebay

  • How to insert video listing from aliexpress to ebay via Edrop

  • Import product from Aliexpress to Ebay via Edrop

  • How to edit photos from aliexpress source to listing to Ebay using Edrop